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oct9Right to Counsel
Imagine being on death row with no legal representation. For countless dogs charged under the State's "vicious" dog act that is precisely their predicament. The plight of the death row dog is symbolic of all animals for whom LIDA is seeking to establish and assert rights within the legal system.

It is mirrored by:

• the colony of Trap Neuter Return (TNR) cats being torn from their home and caretaker;
• the bull indentured to the rodeo;
• the geese being rounded up for extermination.
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10 Reasons to Adopt Black Cats

10. You'll save $$ on their Halloween costumes.
9. You can always find them in the snow.
8. Holding a black cat is very slimming.
7. Black cats will match any decor.
6. A lint brush isn't required for a black-tie affair.
5. When you love a black cat, luck is on your side.
4. Black cats are like onyx, a beautiful gem.
3. Hey, they don't care what color you are!
2. Love knows no color.

And the number one reason to adopt a black cat...
1. They are the least likely to be adopted!


In a perfect world, every cat would have a home, and every home would have a cat.

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